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Growth and innovation
We help companies build their businesses by identifying granular growth opportunities and increasing their productivity through product, service, process and business model innovation.
Growth is vital to fund new investments, attract talent, and acquire assets. It is also a critical factor in the overall performance of the company.

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Our research consistently shows that pursuing growth in dynamic or mature industries can be wrong, or even completely wrong. Many so-called emerging industries, such as high tech, include segments that don’t grow at all. And industries that most consider mature, such as consumer products, often have fast-growing segments. Likewise, even in regions that are perceived as “developing”, as a rule, some sectors are already mature, while other sectors are still in the “land grab” phase.

We help our clients gain a better understanding of trends, future growth rates and market structure. By exploring all possible avenues for growth – core expansion, geographic expansion, diversification into neighboring regions and seizing opportunities arising from disruptions in the value chain and integration – we help companies choose where to compete and support them in meeting their objectives. growth strategies.

When working with clients, we use four levers to determine how to use the growth opportunities they identify:

marketing and sales, including operational excellence
M&A and asset sale
resource allocation
Innovation is critical to growth, especially as business cycles continue to accelerate. Most companies understand the importance of innovation, but fail to master it.

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